Thursday, August 15, 2013

Episode 4.22 - Highs, Lows & Lower Lows

As promised, Erica and Emily return to finish up Season 4 with a recap of All Or Nothing, plus a rundown of their top and bottom performances of the year. This is indeed The Announcement Episode, so listen closely for details about what you can expect starting in the fall. We hope you’ll hitch your tap shoes to the New Directions of the podcast. Be sure to share your suggestions and discussions over at our Facebook page or email We also hope you never again have to witness the atrocities of the show’s sole Asian singing Gangham Style. That is all.

Episdoe 4.21 - Wonder-Cats

It only took us 2.5 months, but Erica and Emily finally reunite to discuss the penultimate episode of Season 4, Wonder Dash Full, as well as the troubles of live-watching Pretty Little Liars, the Kate Issue of Angel, and the apparent joy of My Cat From Hell. We also take some time to discuss the tragedy of Cory Montheith and how Glee might move forward. And then Emily’s cats start to play and that’s that. We’ll be back next week to finish up Season 4 with our top and bottom song lists, plus our big announcement of GleeKast’s future (hint: it’s not GleeCats. OR IS IT?). Join the discussion at our Facebook group and keep those socks light blue.

Episode 4.20 - So Much Arc it Became A Circle

Well, the guns are concealed but the issues keep coming. This week, Erica and Emily attempt to unravel the oddness of Lights Out, from its Broadway tie-ins to its sexual abuse AND ballet PSAs. Also, Pretty Little Liars is amazing and you all should try it out. Join the discussion on our Facebook page or email us your thoughts at But don’t, because we should all turn off our electronic devices or something. Mixed messages galore!

Episode 4.19 - Steampunk Tina, Black Sue & Syphilis

If your “Sweet Dreams” happened to include syphilis and Smash, then welcome!, for you’ve come to the right place. Between discussing the surprisingly impressive Broadway chops of Constantine Maroulis and the shockingly creepy trend of pointed fingernails, Erica and Emily do what they can with the latest episode of Glee. Thoughts? Feelings? Candy? Send them all to or pop into our Facebook group to discuss. Now iron up yourself a griled cheese sandwich and join the fun.

Episode 4.18 - They Named This Episode Shooting Star

Between anger and bafflement lies something called The Twilight Zone, aka this week's episode of GleeKast and Erica and Emily struggle to find the tubbington at the end of the occasionally offensive tunnel. Yes, this is the pseudo-school shooting episode of Glee, and, well, feelings are complicated. We're aided by some feedback, the joys of RuPaul's Drag Race (watch it!) and the ultimate capper in recasting Game of Thrones with McKinley High's Student Body. Teri Shuester as Cersai Lannister? Really, why not (especially if it means not discussing the fact that BECKY JACKSON BROUGHT A GUN TO SCHOOL. Shiver. Discuss it all on our Facebook page or email us at Until next we meet or catfish, the ladies of GleeKast

Episode 4.17 - Shut Up, Tina

With just six episodes left of its experimental cross-country season, Glee tiptoes into some definition of guilty pleasures, giving Erica and Emily ample opportunity to point out what are actually not guilty pleasures, although Erica crushing on Sam in armbands does indeed qualify. They're aided and abetted by some fine listener feedback, even if Emily apparently forgot how to read or speak. We'll be back in a few weeks with Glee's remaining episodes, but expect the last breaths of Smash talk to happen over at our Facebook page. Long live Jinkx Monsoon and a valar morghulis to all!

Episode 4.16 - Twin Gleeks

Buckle up for a creeeeeeeepy edition of GleeKast, as Erica and Emily fight club their way through some strange editing choices made in Feud. Also on the queue is Erica finally explaining (to Emily's understanding) the difference between Once Upon a Time and Grimm. It takes a lot longer than you'd think. For more discussion/explanation of how these two shows are actually not the same thing, come chat it up on our Facebook group or email us at

Episode 4.15 - They Ghosted Wrong

Load up the pottery wheel and clean that attic to find your boombox for this week's edition of GleeKast, where Erica and Emily discuss Girls and Boys On Film. Also on the docket is the glory of RuPaul's Drag Race and the horrors of Smash. Share your thoughts on all this and more over at our Facebook page or send your email to Remember, we are the dramaturgs of Glee, and with that power comes great responsibility. Now back to ghosting.

Episode 4.14 - I Don't

On this rare in-the-same-room recording, Erica and Emily share breathing space to tackle another episode in which old flames are reignited, new couples are made based on dice rolling, and plot twists are turned just to cause added confusion.There's also more than a bit of RuPaul discussion, because really, why wouldn't there be? PLEASE join the conversations over at our Facebook page or email us at to discuss the latest episodes. Or to talk about how every television show should be RuPaul's Drag Race. Whichever.

Episode 4.13 - You Sexy Vicks-en

It’s a lean and mean episode this week as Erica and Emily dive quickly into Diva, with a few quick stops along The Office and Project Runway.  Along the way, they discuss Erica’s hatred of Alicia Keys, Emily’s annoyance with Katherine McPhee, and just what it takes to be Freddie Mercury (namely, being Freddie Mercury). Send your feedback to or join the party on our Facebook page, where magic happens.

Episode 4.12 - Barely Naked Ladies

Another episode of Glee, another unhappy Erica and confused Emily it is! The ladies tackle Naked and how it seems to hate nudity. Also on the menu is RuPaul's Drag Race recaps and DVR hatred. Discuss it all on our Facebook page or email us at Until next we meet. Now put your clothes back on.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Episode 4.11 - Nothing But a Cat on a Unicycle

The ladies find their Sadie Hawkins spirit by delving scrub-first into Sadie Hawkins.  Though really, they'd rather be watching youtube videos of cats riding unicycles.  Also included is a spoilery 5 minute or so discussion on American Horror Story, so grab your does eof Nazi doctors, possessed nuns, headbands, legal scandals based on rear ends, and acapella scandals all in one place.  We apologize for the rushiness of this episode, but please head over to our Facebook page to share everything we missed.  Just try not to steal our arrangements.  It's not illegal or anything, but the public doesn't like it.

Episode 4.10 - Brooches, Actually

It's December again in the Gleekastverse as Erica and Emily finally get around to discussing Glee's fourth Christmas/Chanukah/Annual Sue Change of Heart Episode.  And yes, we still hate Marley.  Share your thoughts at or join the party on our facebook page.  Even librarians are welcome!

Episode 4.9 - Divided We Encore

Pull out your scorecards for one of GleeKast's more combative outings as Erica takes the offensive and Emily attempts to defend Swan Song for its blatant abuse of logic. Somehow Erica forgets that McKinley High exists in the kind of universe where two seemingly intelligent high school seniors only applied to one college with no safety schools or that its highest paid faculty member physically assaults teenagers on a weekly basis. Or is it that Emily has drank Ryan Murphy's questionably flavored Kool-Aid, thus rendering her vulnerable to his writing staff's bamboozling bag of tricks? Weigh in on our Facebook page or email us at The lines have been drawn.

Episode 4.8 - In Shangela We Trust

On this rather breezy edition of GleeKast, Erica and Emily sail through the highs and lows of Thanksgiving (hint: the highs involve drag queens and the lows involve a certain eating disorder and adorably misguided racism). You can almost say we have a Kiki over the whole thing, only with rougher choreography and more cats. Send your feedback in to or join the better choreographed Kiki over at our Facebook group. There still might be cats though.

Episode 4.7 - The Super Cee-Lo Edition

Masks and lycra firmly in place, Erica and Emily fly their way through Dynamic Duets or Duos or whatever the Why Did They Air This On Thanksgiving? episode was called. Actually, they kinda liked it, but you can piece stuff like that together by listening to the episode. Oh, and Marley still sucks and someone needs to sing Cool Rider from Grease 2 before Emily explodes. Agree with us on our Facebook group or send email to Happy Thanksgiving, as if ANYONE AT FOX CARES.

Episode 4.6 - With More Grease Comes More Poop Jokes

They don't make it easy for us, do they. Erica and Emily begrudgingly slip into their Pink Ladies jackets for another round of copycat choreography and stupid character choices, at least until the last few minutes flicker some hope yet. We close on a nifty round of widely diverse feedback that happily reminds us there are others out there that are both just like us and not at all anywhere near like us. We like that! Send it on over to or join the party at our Facebook group.

Episode 4.5 - Hoplessly Annoyed With You

Oh,Glee. Why do you make it so hard sometimes? That's what Erica and Emily wonder in this week's episode, where the ladies discuss The Role You Were Born To Play while fighting off cat attacks, viewing frustration, and the fact that Finn Hudson should just not be allowed to speak ever. Also on the agenda is a quick detailing of a few other shows we watch, a few asides about feline narcotics, and a very important lesson about why you should never karoake to Foreigner. Agree or disagree in our Facebook group page or email us at Hopefully by then, we'll be in better moods.

Episode 4.4 - A Cold Pretzel in Hell

Erica hates Coldplay but loves RuPaul’s Drag Race. Emily hates easy jokes but loves her some Lifetime Originals. Together, the ladies discuss Ryan Murphy’s hatred of long distance relationships, Marley’s stupid hat choices, a Lost-esque theory regarding the Glee-ettes, and the controversial wording regarding jokes about Gilbert Grape’s mom. Weigh in (fat joke!) at our Facebook page during the hiatus and send us your virtual smoochies at We’ll see you next month. Please don’t break up with us in the meantime.

Episode 4.3 - Fat Chicks Do it Color Guard Style

Bow ties, broaches, Bradshaw and blonde ambition. It's Episode 3 as Glee serves up (another) class election, (another) makeover, and one more reminder about the linger effects of scarlet fever. Erica and Emily use this as a chance to address some sad goings on Sons of Anarchy, happy possibilities of The Mindy Project, and when in doubt, suffer at the sharp little claws of their respective cats. Send your feedback to or join the party at our Facebook page. Unique-free since 2012!

Episode 4.2 - The Great Cheetos Quandary

Things get HEATED this week on GleeKast as Erica and Emily argue the age-old question of the difference between Cheetos and Cheese Doodles. It's more intense than a Brittany beatdown on a stereotypical Jewish
kid (Happy Yom Kippur! Maybe?). Also, the ladies answer lots of questions regarding Brooklyn, discuss a few new or returning fall shows, and argue about pizza. Come to think of it, this is a rather combative episode of GleeKast. And would you really have it any other way? Send your feedback to and discuss your heart's desires on our Facebook page. Or just answer our burning question about Cheetos vs. Cheese Doodles.

Episode 4.1 - Hats Off (No Seriously, Get That F*cking Hat Off Your Head Already

From the depths of contagion comes this week's GleeKast, where Erica coughs on bravely and Emily does her best to accidentally insult babies. Through it all, they also delve hat-first into The New Rachel, a discussion that involves a lot of hats. Like seriously: that's a lot of hats. Even our awesome feedbackers agree that the hat quotient was a little much. Also in this episode: Emily and Erica muse through some of the fall TV season, bringing up painful memories of Carnivale and annoying contestants on Face/Off. Oh yeah: and every college freshman will have a slut for a roommate. That's just a fact. Discuss more on our Facebook page or email us at And as always, check out some of our favorite listeners' sites below:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.22 - Later!

Dust off those earbuds and charge that iPod! It’s a looooooong ride back into the Glee-verse as Erica and Emily tackle Goodbye, The Glee Project, the top 6 and bottom 6 musical performances of the year, and the continued madness of Ryan Murphy. We’ve got batches and batches of kickass feedback, plus the diversions and tangents you’ve come to expect and love (we hope; I mean if you don’t, how can you actually listen to us?). We’ll be back shortly as Glee’s Season 4 debuts, but in the meantime, check out our upcoming Buffy-riffic guest spot on the
First Times With Fozzie podcast (iTunes it!), join our busy discussions on the Facebook page, and check out some of our listeners’ awesome sites:

Remember to keep the feedback coming over at and channel your forgiveness for us not recording a Step Up 4 (your right to party) bonus. Yet...

Episode 3.21 - When Gleekast Endorses Tumbling

On the penultimate episode of Season 3, Erica and Emily are joined by Special Guest Star Lisa, who is fabulous and wonderful until she voices opinions about Nationals’ judging committee and is then banished to the slushee’d table to think about what she’s done. Were the ladies swayed by New Directions’ performance? Skeeved out by Will and Emma’s consummation? Angered to the point of Targaryen dragon rage at the threat of Unique becoming a series regular? Find out the answers to these and a few more (or less) questions on this week’s episode. Join our Facebook group to help support Emily in her quest to prove to the world that The Artist was mediocre, and follow our guest star (no longer special; she knows why) on Twitter at @yellow_crayon. Feedback Peace.

Episode 3.20 - We Got A Tina Situation Up Here

Can you BELIEVE that thing happened in Book 3 of Game of Thrones? Or just how adorable Erica’s kitten is? I know, I know: it’s INSANE! Also, Erica and Emily talk about body swapping, Tina’s mehness, and the plight of husky male guest stars on Glee. Send your feedback and come back quickly for our coverage of Nationals. Also, cute kitten pictures on our Facebook group. We give you so much.

Episode 3.19 - Missi Gunderson, We Hardly Knew Ye

This week on GleeKast, Erica and Emily are joined by special guest star Mjolnir Kelly, Erica's really adorable kitten who occasionally shouts her dissatisfaction with Promasauras by adorably yelling or turning off her mother's wifi connection. Speaking of, Happy Mother's Day to our maternal listeners, and happy Mediocre Prom Episode to all. Next week, Glee goes big with a two hour star-filled--er, Lindsay Lohan featured special, so send us your feedback to and join the party over at Facebook. Lastly, whatever you do, please don't forget to open the door and get on the floor because SOMEONE has to walk the dinosaur. Why shouldn't it be you?

Episode 3.18 - Kurt's Hips Don't Lie

Break out the boxing gloves! It’s a combative episode of GleeKast as Erica and Emily battle it out over the divisive Choke. There’s hair pulling and everything! Also, enjoy a typically insulting discussion of Smash and hear Erica try really hard to convince Emily to see Thor. Email us, join our exclusive club at Facebook, send a soul to Katherine McPhee at NBC Studios, and wish Erica a happy birthday at Tuesday.

Episode 3.17 - Glee, Amistad, Same Thing Really

What's this? An episode of Glee that didn't make Erica and Emily angry? Well, not THAT angry anyway. The ladies tackle Dance With Somebody while battling the abuse of a funky Internet connection at every corner. It's like being a Christian with a boner or Finn with dialogue, if you know what we mean. We close with a fat round of fantastic feedback, of which you can join by emailing us at Join our Facebook group and don't do crack.

Episode 3.16 - The Wheelchair Bookends That Weren't

Slip into your size 13 double wide boogie shoes for Erica and Emily’s hard-hitting look at  Saturday Night Glee-Ver, and yes, we hate that title just as much as you. More importantly, Cabin In the Woods was great and you should see it. Send your feedback to, party on our Facebook group, and hurry up with planning the rest of your life already. Don’t you know you’re supposed to have that figured out before turning 18?

Episode 3.15 - A Hodorriffic Hiatus Hath Ended

As happy as Erica and Emily are to return, they REALLY hope you’re not reading this while driving. Or walking. Or breathing. Or applying to Yale. That would be like texting while wandering down a hallway and in case you hadn’t heard, texting is the leading source of plot conveniences in the country today! Don’t let yourself become a statistic. But seriously, Erica and Emily DO actually talk about Glee this week (eventually) following some Step Up Smashing. Share your thoughts on that or Smash or Game of Thrones or the delectable new Sun Chips flavor at or join our hip and happening group on Facebook. Just not while you’re walking. Because HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING? 

Episode 3.14 - Don't Be A Chocolate Covered Onion In Lima While Sexting Your Friend In The Hood

So there was a new episode of Smash this week. And Emily saw Carrie the Musical and the hilarious Phantom of the Opera sequel. And Erica got angry. Really angry. That's right folks! It's On My Way, aka the Episode That Has Some Great Moments And Really Stupid Ones. We'll let you figure out which was which. We're hoping to stay active with some bonus content during Glee's hiatus, so keep your eyes on the feed and hang out with the afterparty over at Send your feedback and chocolate or onions (but never together; have you learned NOTHING?) And don't forget: nothing says live like a few people you kinda sorta know bringing you an Edible Arrangement. Especially if it includes peanut butter.

Episode 3.13 - Don't Go Cheesing My Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day in Lima, so naturally, Erica and Emily head heart-first into intense and educational discussions on Starburst flavors, Grammy performances, Iowan rednecks and how to properly pronounce ‘douvet’ (Erica claims it’s doo-vay; Emily prefers ‘douvoigh’). When all else fails, the ladies head to the Sugar Shack to take a bite out of Heart. We’ve got one more episode of Sexting In Suburbia--er, Glee--to cover before the winter hiatus, so get your feedback in to gleekast@gmail.comor start conversing over at We’d love to hear your opinions on a Facebook group, so share your thoughts or friend us there (Emily Intravia or Erica Lynn Kelly). It’s easy to find us: we’re the ones with Bible quote tattoos and boring Irish accents. Oh wait, that’s something else...

Episode 3.12 - When Ricky Martin is in a Chair . . .

You might have come here to hear Erica and Emily discuss The Spanish Teacher. You will kinda sorta maybe get that, but more importantly, listen! as the ladies tackle the life lessons of Sexting In Suburbia, why teenage girls are obsessed with being abused, how to properly pronounce “Adelphi,” how Emily learned the other definition of ‘taint,’ and fat jokes. Lots and lots of fat jokes. What else are we supposed to do when Glee makes them so easy? At least Ricky Martin is aging well. Send your feedback, party on at, and always remember to conjugate.

Episode 3.11 - Beat it Ryan Murphy. No, Seriously, Beat it

Michael Shmichael, what we REALLY want to argue about is the hot factor of Smash’s Jack Davenport (sans powdered wig). Or Sexting In Suburbia. Or Emily’s drunken karaoke party and what Erica might have sang. Or Kurt and Burt’s future rendition of Pimp My Ride. What we’re trying to say is that this wasn’t our favorite episode. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t find plenty to say about it, from the unintentional comedy of Quinn’s Yale acceptance to more fat jokes about Shane. But Blaine did look adorable in that eyepatch. It’s the little things that count. Send us your thoughts, be they hearty head nodding, disagreeing head shaking, or your opinion on the attractiveness of Commodore Norrington post-Commodore ranking to or come hang out on our forums over at Cause that’s what Michael would do, and um, that’s really all you need to know when doing anything ever.

Episode 3.10 - Yes/No/Maybe So

Somewhere between My Girl impersonations and engagement ring critiques, Erica and Emily dive swim cap-first into the non-peed-in pool that was Yes/No, an episode that tore us apart like a cheese steak being eaten by Shane. Look, we wouldn’t make fat jokes if Glee didn’t seem so hateful of fat people, what with their ban on allowing Mercedes to don a swimsuit. Unless it’s a black thing, at which point we’re even MORE offended. Anyway, it’s a dramatic episode from every direction and we haven’t even begun to discuss its depiction of the military. Listen hard and let us know your thoughts at or on our forums at We want to hear your theories on McKinley’s pool policy, Will’s lame bachelor party in the making, and why exactly is I’m With Shane the new law of the land. 

Episode 3.9 - A Christmas Divided, Then United by Sexting

Ho ho holiday special! Erica and Emily act as the ghosts of Christmas past to bring you belated coverage of An Extraordinary Merry Christmas, aka The Episode That Divided The House of GleeKast. Listen as Erica justifies Artie’s Lucasian vision and Rory’s bedtime story, while Emily huffs and puffs in a respectful manner. The stakes are raised in debate, but thankfully soothed by the promise of Yankee Candle’s My Favorite Things limited edition scents, all described in tempting sniffs by Erica’s nose. We’ll be back with timely (maybe) episodes now that the hiatus is over, so keep the emails coming to or discuss away at our forums. Most importantly, don’t forget to check out the sure to be outstanding Lifetime Original Sexting In Suburbia, airing Saturday the 14th. We have no idea why, but it just sounds amazing.

Episode 3.8 - Just A Cup-Pa Lectures

This episode of GleeKast is brought to you by The Plague. The Plague: keeping civilization from reaching its potential since civilization was born. In other news, a dying Emily and a recovering from dying Erica team up to bring you coverage on Hold On To 16, aka the episode that involves Sectionals, meerkat faces, contrived Asian arcs, and Quinn getting lectured. A lot. We leave you with the question of what the world needs now: doctors or dancers? Since Emily is dying, she says doctors, but that's beside the point. Send feedback to and party on the boards, plague-free since 2010.

Episode 3.7 - Love Triangles & Lesbian Chins

Clawing their way back from the grave, Erica and Emily return with the help of special guest star Fozziebare of The Podcast Podcast to discuss I Kissed A GiIrl And I Liked It, which we kinda liked to varying degrees. We also catch up on ancient feedback (like fine wine or Dennis Quaid, it gets better with age), delve into Community's gleeful hopefully not-finale, and argue about the merits/drawbacks of half-sweaters and abuelitas. OBVIOUSLY, we dedicate this episode to Dolly Parton and the sure-to-be-the-greatest-movie-since-Burlesque, Joyful Noise. We still have 2 more episodes to cover before Glee returns, so feel free to send any and all past-due feedback or visit our forums at
Don't forget to learn more about our favorite nudist muppet Fozzie over or read his hilarity at OR join his Twitter legion @fozziebare. Check out our Aussie feedbacker Nigel's new podcast and enjoy the wisdom of one Wayne Kotke at Happy New Year everyone and remember, joyful...joyful noise.

Episode 3.6 - The Slap Heard 'Round the Hall

You think YOU’RE angry that GleeKast has been on hiatus? Well apparently the Internet is PISSED OFF which explains why Erica’s wireless connection launched an all-out war on this episode, a war in which Emily’s cats soon became its evil allies. But elsewhere, the ladies discuss Mash/Off and try to not remember the fact that we’ve all already seen the episode that came after it. It was stressful. The English language was abused and Erica said the C word first, while Emily revealed her college acceptance may have been tainted. We had to end early due to the Internet acting like an asshole, so we saved some feedback for the next episode (hearts and thanks and sorries Nigel & Terri-Anne!) which will hopefully not happen 7 years from now. Remember to visit us and others at, especially in this interim where time hates us. Send your feedback (which we’ll read promptly!) to and follow us on Twitter to become a better person (@ericasKNITS and @deadlydolls).