Sunday, September 15, 2013

Episode 5.2 - Repo! The Genetic Opera

Shoot up your zydrate (it comes in a little glass vial) and put on your prettiest detachable face as Erica and Emily plunge into the future with 2008’s horror musical, Repo! Between Paris Hilton’s surprising acting chops and Paul Sorvino’s operatic tenor, it’s something very, very different. We also have quite a history with the show, so expect some personal anecdotes that just might involve the world’s rudest waiter at a fondue restaurant. We’re quite curious how the movie works for you, so be sure to share your thoughts over on our Facebook group. We promise not to pull your organs out. At least, for now.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Episode 5.1 - Step Up (4) Revolution

With the Miami heat seeping through Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows, Erica and Emily slip into some baggy pants and high top sneakers for the fourth installment of the ‘80s dance movie craze that has been reborn as Step Up. This time, it’s about a REVOLUTION. And white people romance. But let’s face it: we came here for Moose, and Moose is what we’ve got. This is our first episode with our new non-Glee format, so we hope the joy of dance overrides the mess of Ryan Murphy’s head. Tell us what you think on our Facebook group and when in doubt, just do the robot.