Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bonus Episode - Beastly Commentary with the Podcast Podcast

Love is never ugly, or so the tagline reads for Alex Flinn's teen fairy tale novel and source for the first ever GleeKast/Podcast Podcast crossover book club. Emily read it. Erica read some of it. And Jason and George showed up to look pretty. It all comes together when we sit down for a running commentary on the 2011 film adaptation, a film so controversial, its release date was constantly pushed back until a time when the general public could accept the love between the vacant void of Vanessa Hudgens and a heavily tattooed bald dude with an erratic accent. Then the public decided it didn't care. Do we? Find out by listening along and share your thoughts/spells over at palavr.comor gleekast.com.

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