Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 2.21 - Smells Like Teen Snozzberries

Pop open your finest bottle of fizzy lifting drinks for GleeKast's very special coverage of Funeral, wherein innocent characters are sacrificed to the gods of plot and rushed characterizations. We'd love to tell you more about the episode, but even the slighting inkling in these show notes may cause Erica to have terrifying flashbacks to a certain 1971 classic children's film. It's intense. Almost as intense as John 'Dr. Car'l Stamos playing a reproductive rapist on Law & Order: SVU. But tell us just HOW intense by sending feedback to gleekast@gmail.com or entering the candyland that is our forums over at palavr.com. We'll be back in two weeks with our belated finale episode, where we hope to hear your top 6 musical performances of season 2 because after all, WE are the music makers and therefore WE are the dreamers of dreams. So dream big.

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