Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.5 - When You're in a Wheelchair, You Make Virgin Sacrifices

GleeKast goes back to the bottle with a very wine sponsored episode, wherein Erica and Emily sit down face to face to ramble through First Time, aka the episode where virgins are sacrificed in the name of good high school musical theater and Puerto Rican accents are slaughtered in the name of awesome. Expect lots of mooing over Blaine's adorable dancing, hmming over Tina's Brady dressing, and cursing over Sebastian's evil cunting. Then have more wine, cause it's really great. Email us your thoughts (or wine) at gleekast@gmail.com and party at our forums over at palavr.com. It's BYOW of course, and if you're nervous, I hear Hawaii makes some really great fake IDs. Aloha!

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