Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 2.12 - Fat Bottom Girls You Make Tate Donovan Be Proud

You might THINK that people would’ve had enough of silly love songs, but Erica and Emily clearly see that isn’t so. No. Especially when they delve into the heart-shaped box of non-sucking chocolate that was, well….Silly Love Songs! Crushes are born, new nicknames formed, and a glimmer of hope illuminated for the actual character development of one Lauren Zizis. Remember, you can’t spell woman without a C, can’t cheat on your bee eff without m-o-n-o, and can’t chit the chat about Glee or answer our exciting question of the week without p-a-l-a-v-r dot com. Send your feedback, roses, gold star necklaces, coffee orders, onesies, stuffed dogs representing puppy love, and Gap giftcards and feel ABSOLUTELY free to make a gigantic display of affection in a public arena in the names of us. It will not be too much.

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