Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 2.8 - Who Furted in Here?

Where else can you learn about the dangers of glitter diets and what it means to be a man? Why, the GleeKast of course! This week, Erica & Emily dissect episode 2.8, Furt, and though it might sound like a noise made by shy balding businessmen after a mini burrito buffet, it’s actually a mostly touching hour filled with teary wedding vows, pretty dresses, famed Nazi huntresses, ’50s showtunes, and locker room brawls with kids in wheelchairs. A lovely email makes the ladies feel old while a commercial for the Yogi Bear movie makes them feel murderous. We pose a probably already answered question of the week to be answered anyway over Feedback is welcomed at And as always, Mike O’Malley is invited into our hearts, where he and his kicky dance moves are free to supply us with years of warm and cuddly comfort.

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