Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bonus Episode - Mommie Dearest Commentary with the Podcast Podcast

LISTENERS! Bring us the axe!...Or just your ears as Erica and Emily sit down with The Podcast Podcast's Fozziebare and his beloved and adorably intelligent George for a viewing of 1981's Razzie Award winning, career-killing classic, Mommie Dearest. The quartet of mildly intoxicated watchers delve deep into the obsessive compulsive world of one of Hollywood's most dramatic (and shoulder padded) queens and her ungrateful poodlehead of a daughter. Sure, we chortle our way through some of the film's campier moments, but there's also plenty to learn as our commentary reveals we know more about one of John Waters' favorite films than any sane person has any right to. Queue up your DVD and press play when we say to for the bumpiest parenting ride of your life. It may never be clean, but it will be always be special. Discuss on palavr.com or send your feedback (sans wire hangers, duh) to gleekast@gmail.com.

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