Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bonus Episode - High School Musical 2 Commentary

Fear not, loyal GleeKast listeners. Erica and Emily could only go so long without revisiting bedazzled microphones and jazz squares (seriously; the withdrawals are far worse than anything heroin users have to deal with). Hence, on this sunny summer Sunday, the ladies sit down to bring you a commentary track for the second hit in Disney's High School Musical saga. Erica gets distracted by the extreme weight loss of Raven Symone, while Emily gets lost in the orange orangeness that is orangely Zach Efron. Seriously, was the kid's mother's womb lined with pumpkin puree or something? It's weird. About as weird as Vanessa Hudgens is dull, Sharpay is wonderful, Ryan is underrated and Corbin Bleu's name is stupid. So queue up the film (now streaming on Netflix!) and press play when we tell you to. We'll be back at some point with some other form of episode this summer, but in the meantime, head over to Palavr for the virtual drink-with-tiny-umbrellas that is the message boards. Also, always make sure your friends like you, no matter how much personal sacrifice that entails. It worked for Troy, and that is all that really matters. That and being as orange as you can. Wildcats!

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