Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Episode 2.2 - Snakes and Dentists and Pop, OH MY!

Break out the laughing gas and dental floss kids: it’s Brittany/Britney…bitch(es). This week, Erica and Emily hooked on phonics their way through listener feedback then stage dive into the second episode of Glee’s second season. Well, they try to, but it’s hard to stay focused when constantly being distracted by the dreaminess of one John Stamos. Seriously, if his face were silk screened onto body pillows, there would be an awful lot of mutant bedding babies roaming Sheets ‘N Things. Which kind of brings us back to the episode, where we offer wildly differing opinions before moving on to discuss Teri’s hot new style, Lea Michelle’s shrinking waistline, the ew-iness of naked sweaty chairs in the school library, Jewish clouds, and what other foods go great with ranch dressing (spoiler alert: all). Answer our question of the week (or just help Emily find a Halloween costume) on our forums over at and send feedback/grilled cheesus sandwiches to

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