Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 2.17 - Amazeballs of Neglect

What’s the only thing more badass than a honey badger on a killing spree? The one and only GleeKast of course! Erica and Emily return from their hiatus with sassy stories of Horror Hound Weekend, tempestuous teases about spin-off podcasts and the audio Internet’s biggest apology of all time (hi Troy’s mom!). Oh yeah, and they also discuss A Night of Neglect, Glee’s trisnoozent return to spring TV! But that’s probably less interesting than Erica’s surprise attack by a giant stuffed bear or Emily’s dog’s ability to break into a locked room. Visit our forums over at so that we can feel special and/or email us kindly at so that we can be nourished and not neglected. You don’t want us to starve to death, do you? Because then you’d be a bad person, about on par with a heckle-happy teen and that (afterschool special Gwyneth Paltrow voice on) is wrong. Now perk up, send your message, and return to your Mark Harmon-based fantasies. We’ll still be here.

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