Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.9 - A Christmas Divided, Then United by Sexting

Ho ho holiday special! Erica and Emily act as the ghosts of Christmas past to bring you belated coverage of An Extraordinary Merry Christmas, aka The Episode That Divided The House of GleeKast. Listen as Erica justifies Artie’s Lucasian vision and Rory’s bedtime story, while Emily huffs and puffs in a respectful manner. The stakes are raised in debate, but thankfully soothed by the promise of Yankee Candle’s My Favorite Things limited edition scents, all described in tempting sniffs by Erica’s nose. We’ll be back with timely (maybe) episodes now that the hiatus is over, so keep the emails coming to gleekast@gmail.com or discuss away at our palavr.com forums. Most importantly, don’t forget to check out the sure to be outstanding Lifetime Original Sexting In Suburbia, airing Saturday the 14th. We have no idea why, but it just sounds amazing.

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