Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bonus Episode - The Podcast Podcast GleeKast GleeKast BurlesqueBurlesque Commentary TrackTrack!

A few months ago, Erica and Emily discovered the new eighth wonder of the world, a little feel-good glitter gun blast of a film known as Burlesque. They recorded a bonus episode wherein both giddily detailed the entire plot in an hour, but really, that’s not nearly enough justice bestowed upon something so wonderful. Hence, the GleeKast gals teamed up with the Podcast Podcast & Co. for a full on COMMENTARY track. HEAR the wonders of FozzieBare’s Cher singalongs. HEAR the power of what pearls feel like in lady places. HEAR everything you ever needed to know about air rights. We recommend queuing this episode up with the film, more because the film is AMAZING than for context, but go jogging with us on your iPod for all we care. So long as you’ve got black lace panties underneath, it’s cool. Studies have also shownthat listening to the GleeKast Podcast Podcast Burlesque Commentary in the waiting room of your plastic surgeon produces an 88% success rate in facial results and a 99% spectacular rate in boob enhancements. So really, what are you waiting for? These sexy squinty eyed bartender songwriters aren’t going to be straight forever.

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