Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Episode 2.3 - Ya Gotta Have Faith (Faith Faith, This Episode Was AllAbout Faith, Faith Faith)

Listeners, can you hear us? We sure hope so, otherwise the last hour of our lives spent towards discussing Glee 2.3, Grilled Cheezus, was kind of pointless. We have faith that you’re on the other end of some iPod, squeezing its hand when we tell you just how important you are towards making us whole. You might even call it a spiritual connection akin to biting into buttery toasted goodness high in calcium and Christianity, singing gospel music to an atheist wearing a Christ chic hat, or channeling your inner Babs under a starry starry sky. All this and more happens in Grilled Cheezus, thusly all this and more (including Erica’s not so awkward family photo defense and Emily’s fruitless attempt to unravel the meaning of Joan Osborne) happens in this episode of the GleeKast! Answer our ever so earnest question of the week at our forums and send feedback to If you don’t, the evil dwarf that is God (who is one of us) may get angry and punish us all with yet another Mercedes solo. Think about that, won’t you?

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