Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.1 - We've Got the Gleet

Put on your slinkiest dress and drape yourself over the most purple of all pianos for the glitterific return of GleeKast! Oh yeah, and Glee. Erica and Emily squeeze into their dusty Cheerio spanx to dance away with the Purple Piano Project, aka the season 3 premiere of America's favorite/least favorite musidramedy. It's a late night recording for the gals, meaning loopiness ensues quickly, especially when we discuss such odd trivia as Matthew Morrison's feud with Jonah Hill, Mike Chang's gratuitous but appreciated abbarriffic dance move, and the shock of seeing Heather Morris look bad on camera (see photo and agree). It culminates with some excellent feedback discussion, of which you can participate by emailing gleekast@gmail.com or just hang out on the forum board at Palavr.com. Get there soon if you don't want to be glitter bombed. That stuff gets stuck everywhere.

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