Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.13 - Don't Go Cheesing My Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day in Lima, so naturally, Erica and Emily head heart-first into intense and educational discussions on Starburst flavors, Grammy performances, Iowan rednecks and how to properly pronounce ‘douvet’ (Erica claims it’s doo-vay; Emily prefers ‘douvoigh’). When all else fails, the ladies head to the Sugar Shack to take a bite out of Heart. We’ve got one more episode of Sexting In Suburbia--er, Glee--to cover before the winter hiatus, so get your feedback in to gleekast@gmail.comor start conversing over at palavr.com. We’d love to hear your opinions on a Facebook group, so share your thoughts or friend us there (Emily Intravia or Erica Lynn Kelly). It’s easy to find us: we’re the ones with Bible quote tattoos and boring Irish accents. Oh wait, that’s something else...

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