Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.4 - I'm the LEPrechaun

Pour yourself a sweet bowl of all-marshmallow Lucky Charms for the triumphant (again) return of GleeKast (again)! Erica and Emily dust off their gold shoe buckles for Pot O' Gold, discussing such hard-hitting subjects as Puck's abs, Tina's Marcia Brady wardrobe, and the mechanics of special education. Along the way, the ladies dabble in more current topics that include Erica's fantasy football troubles and Emily's leaky shower. We hope the sound is a little cleaner this week thanks to a donated microphone from the magnanimous Fozzie Bare of the Podcast Podcast. In fact, the mike is so magic that it picks up some extra happenings in Emily's apartment, including power drilling and the ubiquitous blasts of tunes from next door. As always, send your feedback togleekast@gmail.com or party on the forums at palavr.com. And if you think you're too good for either of those things, expect to have your face eaten off by a leprechaun. Tata!

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