Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.2 - Baby Beth Theft Ith on Ith Way

Somewhere between Oz (the prison show) and Oz (the land that inspired many a bad Australian accent) lies this week’s belated, but bodacious episode of GleeKast. The ladies delve Manic Panic dyed headfirst into I Am Unicorn, pausing for exciting gifts, boob job reversals, a decision about how to just ignore The Lost Season, and lessons on musical theater. Also on hand: Emily teaches the art of modern dance, which Erica apparently knew already. Diva. Share your own ideas for dance moves over at palavr.com or email gleekast@gmail.com. Just don’t do it while wearing tights. That doesn’t sit well with football coaches, paraplegics, or those with psychological issues regarding cleanliness.

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