Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 2.16 - He Kissed A Boy and We Liked it

With bedazzlement firmly in place, Erica and Emily put on their finest bridesmaids/regionals gowns and open their big trouty mouths to dig into the oddly titled “Original Song”, aka the 16th episode of Glee’s 2nd season. Much squealing is sounded for the Blurt consummation, while confusion continues to reign as the ladies consider the mysterious fate of Vocal Adrenaline. Music is discussed at length, culminating in a rather unfortunate revelation about Blackbird and Charles Manson (thanks Wayne) but hey, we get by with our usual rounds of tangents, feedback, and Warbler worship. Send your thoughts to, join the party at, and stay tuned for our Very Special Commentary Bonus coming next week to sate your thirst during Glee’s hiatus. Oh, and Victoria Jackson should go eat a mediocre peanut butter and jelly sandwich on stale white bread, then discover the hard way that she’s allergic to peanuts, and just as a nearby friend is about to pump her up with an EpiPen as she suffocates on her own hives, an escaped velociraptor from Jurassic Park should descend upon her and tear her ugly blond head from her psychotic close-minded body. Lastly, Mookie will pee on her. And that’s how we feel about that! Onto Nationals!

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