Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Episode 4.1 - Hats Off (No Seriously, Get That F*cking Hat Off Your Head Already

From the depths of contagion comes this week's GleeKast, where Erica coughs on bravely and Emily does her best to accidentally insult babies. Through it all, they also delve hat-first into The New Rachel, a discussion that involves a lot of hats. Like seriously: that's a lot of hats. Even our awesome feedbackers agree that the hat quotient was a little much. Also in this episode: Emily and Erica muse through some of the fall TV season, bringing up painful memories of Carnivale and annoying contestants on Face/Off. Oh yeah: and every college freshman will have a slut for a roommate. That's just a fact. Discuss more on our Facebook page or email us at And as always, check out some of our favorite listeners' sites below:

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