Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bonus Episode - Best of 2010: The Mirrors Edition

It’s GleeKast’s First Annual End-Of-The-Year Wrap-Up Extravaganza Spectacular Festival Of Lots Of Stuff! Erica and Emily kick off the festivities with their very special, very different lists of their ten best films of 2010. Controversy explodes when the two Es reveal a huge difference in values: loyal toys or mirrors…mirrors…MIRRORS? Also on hand is the esteemed Reverend Scott, who directs us to some tear-worthy Sing Off clips (we ‘pologize for that) and his own magical/musical top ten countdown. More warring opinions are waged when the ladies list their top 5 TV moments and engage in a fierce debate on the end of Lost (Emily wins….really…the fact that she’s writing theseshow notes has no bearing on that decision). Somewhere between the madness are gushings about the upcoming Muppets movie, our extended discomfort with watching Dick Clark speak, and a special occult section wherein a lucky magi-gleeful 8-ball reveals ssssssecretssssss for Glee’s 2011 season. We’ll be back in February with the return of a superbowl Glee (has there EVER been a showmore fitting of that timeslot?) so in the meantime, happy Russian Christmas, Merry Martin Luther King Junior Day, a Grand Groundhog Day, and lots of loving to start 2011. Don’t forget to stay in touch on the forums or send us some love over at Kisses, hugs, and mirrors to all!

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