Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.10 - Yes/No/Maybe So

Somewhere between My Girl impersonations and engagement ring critiques, Erica and Emily dive swim cap-first into the non-peed-in pool that was Yes/No, an episode that tore us apart like a cheese steak being eaten by Shane. Look, we wouldn’t make fat jokes if Glee didn’t seem so hateful of fat people, what with their ban on allowing Mercedes to don a swimsuit. Unless it’s a black thing, at which point we’re even MORE offended. Anyway, it’s a dramatic episode from every direction and we haven’t even begun to discuss its depiction of the military. Listen hard and let us know your thoughts at gleekast@gmail.com or on our forums at palavr.com. We want to hear your theories on McKinley’s pool policy, Will’s lame bachelor party in the making, and why exactly is I’m With Shane the new law of the land. 

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