Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 2.14 - The Bi-Pinkuridrunk Show

Some might blame it on the February blues, but here at the GleeKast, we’ll take any old excuse to blame It (you know, IT) on the alcohol. The girls sober up to tackle Episode 2.14, aka, The One Where Everyone In Glee Gets Really Drunk And We Notice That Everything’s Coming Up Bedazzles. There’s lots of 90210 nostalgia, Blaine swooning, headband worship and fashion judgment, plus a new question of the week to be answered on our forums. Drive your non-alcoholic feedback to and ask Finn to send your alcoholic feedback to We’re responsible like that. Also, check out Erica’s knew knitting blog over at We’ll be back in two weeks with the next new episode, but if you should ever need us, always remember that you are Lisa Simps—I mean, go to palavr.comand hang out on the message boards. We’ll be there. And might be drunk.

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