Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Episode 2.5 - Don't Dream It, Glee It

It’s astounding. Time is fleeting. And madness has once again taken its toll on Erica & Emily, who bring you a Halloween hangovered GleeKast detailing episode 2.5, The Rocky Horror Glee Show! The ladies go deep with some thoughtful and smartypants feedback, then explore all the controversial issues surrounding New Directions this week, including Lea Michelle’s lolliporn GQ shoot, Finn’s body issues, Mike Chang’s unXmas albumness, Amber Riley’s unsexy dance moves, the aftereffects of bed-fretting, how The Stamos makes us understand bed-fretting, and the slowly growing problem that is Ryan Murphy’s writing. We also struggle admirably to pronounce the word ‘canonical’ and engage in a fierce debate about the Hokey Pokey. It gets ugly. But also abulous. We’re versatile and EGOT-in-the-making like that. Send your feedback to and visit our forum over at to answer our Stamosian question of the week. Warning: those who speak ill of the Stamos will be threatened. And possibly given root canals. Details still in development. Now put in your sensational transvestite earplugs and enjoy

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