Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Episode 2.4 - Some Kind of Wonderful Breadsticks & the Tramp

Teen wolves! Sexually aware cheerleaders! Invaded urethrae! Learning that the plural of urethra is urethrae! Thus do we enter GleeKast 2.4, as Erica and Emily duet about Duets, pausing of course to discuss listener feedback from smart awesome people, muse over Muppet mashups, and argue over how to count to 12 (it’s so much harder than it sounds). It’s enough to drive even the most adorable of teen sweethearts to Asian Couples’ Therapy! So heat up a basket of doughy fine breadsticks, send emails to, and sit back to savor the sounds of two Es on Glee, accompanied this week by their own version of Brad the pianist (aka the soft bass snores of Erica’s boyfriend, Mike Not Chang). Have forum fun over at (that’s p-a-l-a-v-r-dot-com) and answer our delicious question of the week, or else accept the fact that one of us will, as punishment, perform the next episode as Matthew McConaughy speaking Nav’i while taking a shower.

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