Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.19 - Missi Gunderson, We Hardly Knew Ye

This week on GleeKast, Erica and Emily are joined by special guest star Mjolnir Kelly, Erica's really adorable kitten who occasionally shouts her dissatisfaction with Promasauras by adorably yelling or turning off her mother's wifi connection. Speaking of, Happy Mother's Day to our maternal listeners, and happy Mediocre Prom Episode to all. Next week, Glee goes big with a two hour star-filled--er, Lindsay Lohan featured special, so send us your feedback to gleekast@gmail.com and join the party over at Facebook. Lastly, whatever you do, please don't forget to open the door and get on the floor because SOMEONE has to walk the dinosaur. Why shouldn't it be you?

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