Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.14 - Don't Be A Chocolate Covered Onion In Lima While Sexting Your Friend In The Hood

So there was a new episode of Smash this week. And Emily saw Carrie the Musical and the hilarious Phantom of the Opera sequel. And Erica got angry. Really angry. That's right folks! It's On My Way, aka the Episode That Has Some Great Moments And Really Stupid Ones. We'll let you figure out which was which. We're hoping to stay active with some bonus content during Glee's hiatus, so keep your eyes on the feed and hang out with the afterparty over at palavr.com. Send your feedback and chocolate or onions (but never together; have you learned NOTHING?) togleekast@gmail.com. And don't forget: nothing says live like a few people you kinda sorta know bringing you an Edible Arrangement. Especially if it includes peanut butter.

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