Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 2.20 - Hello Kurt Hummel Prom Night Rumble

With enough hairspray to blaze through the ozone and heels so high they reach Corey Montheith’s nipples, Erica and Emily go to the prom, McKinley High style. An extended GleeKap has the ladies digging deep into Prom Queen, digging so deep in fact that Skype almost pulls a Carrie White on them all. Thankfully, the Goddess of Fun Fun, Think About Fun comes through to save the recording, allowing the gals to get their robot on on the dance floor that is the feedback frenzy of awesome. Join the awesome by sending your thoughts to gleekast@gmail.com and visit the afterprom party at palavr.com. It’s tastier than a bowl of lemon punch mix, prettier than a pair of electric blue sheer sleeves and more fun than an awkward crowning ceremony, it’s GleeKast!

More important than any chintzy tiara, GleeKast closes out the prom with a wonderful musical treatment courtesy of our dear listener Rainicorn, aka Anna of London of the fine and fascinating blog, www.gaychristiangeek.blogspot.com. Thanks oodles for the tunes!

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