Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.7 - Love Triangles & Lesbian Chins

Clawing their way back from the grave, Erica and Emily return with the help of special guest star Fozziebare of The Podcast Podcast to discuss I Kissed A GiIrl And I Liked It, which we kinda liked to varying degrees. We also catch up on ancient feedback (like fine wine or Dennis Quaid, it gets better with age), delve into Community's gleeful hopefully not-finale, and argue about the merits/drawbacks of half-sweaters and abuelitas. OBVIOUSLY, we dedicate this episode to Dolly Parton and the sure-to-be-the-greatest-movie-since-Burlesque, Joyful Noise. We still have 2 more episodes to cover before Glee returns, so feel free to send any and all past-due feedback togleekast@gmail.com or visit our forums at palavr.com.
Don't forget to learn more about our favorite nudist muppet Fozzie over atwww.thepodcastpodcast.com or read his hilarity at iwanttoworkfortheonion.tumblr.com OR join his Twitter legion @fozziebare. Check out our Aussie feedbacker Nigel's new podcast atwww.talkmovies.net and enjoy the wisdom of one Wayne Kotke at www.d2rights.blogspot.com. Happy New Year everyone and remember, joyful...joyful noise.

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