Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.15 - A Hodorriffic Hiatus Hath Ended

As happy as Erica and Emily are to return, they REALLY hope you’re not reading this while driving. Or walking. Or breathing. Or applying to Yale. That would be like texting while wandering down a hallway and in case you hadn’t heard, texting is the leading source of plot conveniences in the country today! Don’t let yourself become a statistic. But seriously, Erica and Emily DO actually talk about Glee this week (eventually) following some Step Up Smashing. Share your thoughts on that or Smash or Game of Thrones or the delectable new Sun Chips flavor at gleekast@gmail.com or join our hip and happening group on Facebook. Just not while you’re walking. Because HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING? 

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