Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Episode 2.1 - Listen!

What did we do for love? Why, come back for the season premiere of Glee’s sophomore year of course! Erica reveals the sordid secrets of her Big Gay Summer, Emily ponders the importance of Hot Topic, Erica confesses her hatred for unestablished single name stars, and for whatever reason, Emily just keeps talking about Hot Topic. We also discuss breast implants, vasectomies, human pyramids, human centipedes, and a whole lot of other topics that somehow have maybe something to possibly do with Glee (sort of kinda sure). Advanced apologies for a likely setback in audio quality, as the first few episodes of the season will be recorded sans high-tech microphones and via Skype. This does have one benefit, namely the fact that we can finally record while naked (maybe), our alone bodies slathered in bacon grease (Erica) or Cheez Wiz (Emily). Remember to loiter in the new home of the GleeKast forums over at (we know there’s supposed to be an E, but between Erica and Emily, we simply ran out) and explore the super duper other podcasts and discussion boards blazing a hole through the Internet. We encourage you to introduce yourselves (so we can stalk you) and answer our question of the week. Send your emails to and your sacrificial offerings to the angry ghost of the late Matt Rutherford, who now haunts the halls of McKinley High and on weekends, the top left ab of Mike Chang.

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