Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bonus Episode - An Interview with Daniel Roebuck

The place: Indianapolis
The time: March 2011
The event: HorrorHound Weekend
The reason I’m using so many colons: Erica and Emily bring you an impromptu interview with Mr. Daniel Roebuck, a fine and versatile actor who plays the part of Paul Karofsky, aka David (Larry)’s dad. Mr. Roebuck has a long and diverse career in Hollywood between acting in films (River’s Edge, The Fugitive, Rob Zombie’s Halloween(s) and oodles more) television (Matlock, the angry Arzt in Lost, Star Trek, etc.), directing (most notably the Monsterama series), and writing (articles on horror movie and children’s books, natch). He’s even been preserved in bobblehead form! We mostly kept our discussion Glee-based due to time and tiredness, but we guarantee you’ve seen Mr. Roebuck elsewhere and encourage our listeners to check out his facebook page (listed below) and official website. He was incredibly gracious and kind, and it’s our pleasure to share this interview your way. Also, HUGE thanks to our pal Matt, aka Slug of the Slugcast podcast who helped arrange the meetup. Check out Matt’s show at www.slugcast.net (or iTunes) for a good gooey time.

Official Website: http://www.danielroebuck.com/

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