Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Episode 2.7 - Substitute Watersports

It’s a very special episode of the GleeKast when the studio opens its doors and champagne (served in mimosa format) to the PodcastPodcast’s host with most, FozzieBare (aka Jason, but Muppet references make us smile) and his darling feeyonsay, George. The quartet discuss the comfy life of Gwyneth Paltrow, her incredibly fun-to-mock variety of southern accents, and how Apple isn’t really that bad of a name after all. Also, tangents abound on what should have been the sequel to Ever After, the glory of Patti Lupone, and weird looking celebrity babies that almost were. Hear more from Jason over at, and head to both of our forums over at Feedback as always goes to, and that’s actually a direct note to Mindy Kaling. Hayyyyy, Mindy! To our American friends, we extend a happy Thanksgiving. To all our international listeners, why can’t you just be thankful like us? What, you’re too good to eat turkey just before the xmas season? You’ve offended me. And the only way to get back on my good side is to head to to vote for Matt & Liz’s dream wedding every day until November 30th. We don’t want to hurt you, so do it and tell your friends. Or else we’ll hurt them.

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