Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bonus Episode - High School Musical Commentary

Bop it to the top, yo! Erica and Emily can’t leave you hanging at the basketball net of life just ‘cause Glee is taking a break. Hence we bring you this Very Special Bonus Commentary on what is undoubtedly one of the main reasons Glee was ever greenlit, the Disney Channel’s highly successful High School Musical. Join the gals as they try their best not to sing along (despite the fact that Emily doesn’t actually know the tunes, having never seen the film before) or confess their own sssecretsss that involve dirtier things than baking and cellos. Throughout our viewing, we also provide play-by-play updates on the developing love affair between Erica and Mookie, a very insistent cat who refuses to be turned down by Erica’s lap. It’s far dirtier than anything that happens onscreen, although we have our doubts about what DIDN’T make the cut. There’s a lot of Vanessa Hudgens hatred and Costas Mandylor dreamcasting, but what else can you expect? So cue up the Encore Edition of High School Musical and press play with us for a deep and dark journey into Scholastic Decathalons, big games, awkward brother/sister romantic duets, botany, and Emily and Erica’s own odd high school experiences (which apparently involved tennis, badminton, and Slurpees). We’ll be back soon with actual Glee-centric GleeKasts, but until then, bop it like a Wildcat.

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