Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 2.11 - Zombies and Canons and Glee, OH MY!

Erica and Emily break out the pompoms and jockstraps for the football-filled return of Glee, an event so epic it requires something even more powerful than a sue-clear canon, namely…well, we can’t really remember because the episode was kind of forgettable. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, not the GleeKast, which is of course among the greatest dose of ear orgasm you can possibly hope to ever experience in your sad canon-less life. Don’t believe us? Listen and call us liars, we dare you. I mean, we won’t protect you from that 300 pound linebacker if you do and the canon’s children will totally grow up in shame and squalor, but hey, it’s your life. Feedback goes to, forum fun parties on at, and footballs and Cheerios skirts go into your nearest storage facility.

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