Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 3.6 - The Slap Heard 'Round the Hall

You think YOU’RE angry that GleeKast has been on hiatus? Well apparently the Internet is PISSED OFF which explains why Erica’s wireless connection launched an all-out war on this episode, a war in which Emily’s cats soon became its evil allies. But elsewhere, the ladies discuss Mash/Off and try to not remember the fact that we’ve all already seen the episode that came after it. It was stressful. The English language was abused and Erica said the C word first, while Emily revealed her college acceptance may have been tainted. We had to end early due to the Internet acting like an asshole, so we saved some feedback for the next episode (hearts and thanks and sorries Nigel & Terri-Anne!) which will hopefully not happen 7 years from now. Remember to visit us and others at palavr.com, especially in this interim where time hates us. Send your feedback (which we’ll read promptly!) to gleekast@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter to become a better person (@ericasKNITS and @deadlydolls).

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