Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 2.18 - Pro Active Nose Jobs in 90 Minutes!

Does Erica secretly voice the character of Emma Pillsbury? Has Tom Hanks cheated on his wife? Have the gals missed their real calling in life as professional sound check performance artists? These and many other questions you’ve never thought to ask get answered (sorta) on this episode of GleeKast, where the ladies also delve no-weave-first into Episode 2.18, Born This Way. We’d say more about it but that would spoil things, and if there’s one thing Erica and Emily are better than, it’s overly chatty Glee extras. Visit our forums at palavr.com to get your overly chattiness on, or email us adoration atgleekast@gmail.com. Otherwise, we’ll stage a flash mob in your local mall in a bid to get more attention. And let’s face it: that’s just annoying when done not well. Hear that Howie Mandel?

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