Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode 2.22 - We've Still Got This Bella Notte

Welcome to Erica and Emily’s empire state of mind, a sunny universe filled with great pizza, watermelon beer, cat cuddles, and a little bit of talk about something or another called the second season finale of Glee. Presents are exchanged to shock and awe and the ladies tear into ‘New York’ like a bunch of Ohioans touring New York in bright primary colors. We close with our very own top 6 lists for our favorite musical performances of the year, plus an epic feedback session filled with lots of our listeners’ very own picks. Big fat heartfuls of thanks to all our listeners who have made our first full season of GleeKasting a true joy. Remember to stay in touch and up to
date on our upcoming bonus episodes by hanging out at the forums over at palavr.com or following us on Twitter (@ericasname and @deadlydolls). Keep the emails coming to gleekast@gmail.com and should summer prove stressful, just get a haircut. Apparently that solves all sorts of problems!

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